Busting the Myth of Self-Care

Self-Care is Gutsy

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But what does “Practice self-care” really mean?

I had always been led to believe that self-care was a spa day, getting my nails done, doing some yoga, reading a good book… All actions. More things to check off the list.

The Myth of Self-Care

Self-care is about waking up every day and asking, who am I? And how do I honor her?

Self-care is about honoring yourself.

It’s about looking deep inside of you, recognizing your deepest, truest, most vulnerable self, asking her what her values are, and then making your decisions -yes, every decision- from those values.

Self-care is about empathy for yourself.

Empathy for yourself is identifying the emotions you are having, giving them a name, a voice, and a seat at the table. You then act from a place of honoring those emotions, and then letting them go.

Self-care is about knowing yourself.

It’s about knowing yourself well enough to ask, “What is it that I need/want/deserve in this moment?” and then having the guts to act on that. Right now. Every moment.

Self-care is about unconditional love for yourself.

Unconditional love is loving yourself because of your flaws and vulnerabilities, not in spite of them. It is about loving those vulnerabilities and leaning into them, and then asking yourself, “what would the loving choice for me be right now?” And then having the guts to do it.

Self-care is about authenticity.

Self-care is about understanding that living an authentic life means honoring the deepest and truest version of yourself. It means knowing and acting on your values with every decision. It means sharing those values and the thought process behind your decisions with others, and standing your ground despite the push back. And believe me, there will be push back! That doesn’t mean that you are wrong to honor yourself. Seeing you live your life with authenticity and self-love can bring out fear and shame in others, especially when they are not honoring themselves.

Self-care is about putting yourself first.

Self-care is about being your truest self and honoring your needs, regardless of whether it is best for others. Unless you will do real harm to someone (and by harm I mean stealing, cheating, or ruining their livelihood, not just disappointing or letting others down), acting from a place of authenticity and honoring yourself will positively impact others.

Self-Care is Gutsy

The myth of self-care is what society would have you believe; that if you make sure to get a massage once a week you will be honoring your needs and practicing self-care.



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