Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Achieving Your Goals

The Crazy Shift in Thinking that Might Actually Change Your Life

Amanda Richey


Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash

Want to know a secret from an accountability coach that has helped many people achieve their goals?

Don’t focus on it.

What?! you say aghast. What about SMART goals and planning and visualizations?

Really. Don’t.

Don’t focus on achieving the goal. Don’t focus on the outcome. Don’t dream about achieving your goals. Don’t imagine what life will be like with your goal.

You are not doing yourself any good by focusing on the external event that will somehow miraculously change you into the person you want to be if you only…

Had the partner

Were at your goal weight

Had the job

Made the money


Because if we are being honest with ourselves, that is what we all do when setting a goal- chose something that feels like it will make us finally be the person we want to be- when we have it.

This is fantasy.

This is setting yourself up for failure for two reasons:

  1. Your circumstances don’t change how you feel about…



Amanda Richey

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