You Can Have it All Now- I Swear

It is So Simple- But It’s Not What You Think

Amanda Richey


Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

I was recently asked what is the one thing I want all of my coaching clients to know?

What is the proverbial ‘hill I would die on’ for goal setting and life changing advice to get you what you want in life?

It is so simple and yet so huge:

The simple daily actions are what make you, not the big goals and accomplishments. The person that you are, moment-to-moment, in those seemingly insignificant daily tasks, interactions, minutes, that is WHO YOU ARE, and that is what you really need to understand.

That is it.

If you are feeling a lack of fulfillment, feeling stuck, feeling like you can’t quite put your finger on what it is that is holding you back, and you think that setting some goals, making some changes in your life is the answer, ask yourself:


What do you hope will change?

What is it that you think you will feel or think about yourself once you have that goal?

The answer- the real goal- it is available to you now. You can have that right now. You can have it all right now.

You just need to understand that circumstances don’t change your feelings only you can do that, and that goals and ambitions and plans and success are not who you are, who you are is in the small minute to minute actions and choices that you make.

That is where the magic, and the responsibility is.

That is where you can make the change.

That is where you have to make the change.

In my life this lesson looked like a lifetime of chasing achievement, external goals, and accolades. Chasing a feeling of success, of acceptance, of worth and trust and yet no amount of external circumstances could make this feeling inside me believe I was good and worthy. only I could do that.

Once I realized that only I could make myself feel worthy, I still kept thinking I could find that feeling by more doing: journaling, a consistent yoga practice, a morning routine etc. But I keep burning out. All of it work for a time but never lasted, or don’t work at all…



Amanda Richey

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